Annual review 2021

Record growth in e-com

Since the starting point at the end of 2014, Axel Johnson has made major transformations. Here are five different measurements illustrating some of our 10/50 transformations.


67 to 95 billion in turnover

This means an increase in sales of 42 percent. The change has been driven by both organic growth and acquisitions. The industrial group Axel Johnson International, for example, has doubled its turnover and more than tripled its profit since 2014.


139 new companies

MOST ACQUISITIONS have been made within our subsidiaries, but a significant number have also been made by Novax and directly by Axel Johnson to develop new areas of interest and possible future Group companies.


Diversity movement

From 2014 to 2021, the proportion of managers with a non-Swedish background in our Group companies has gone from 6 to 15 percent. Diversity efforts have been underway since 2020 in the Axelerate business area, in close collaboration with Group companies.


Climate change

Since our first survey in 2016, we have reduced our businesses’ direct greenhouse gas emissions 46 PERCENT.


At the beginning of the 10/50 period, there were only a few e-commerce offers within Axel Johnson. E-commerce is now approaching a third of the Group’s total revenue. Our e-commerce share has increased significantly faster than for the Swedish market as a whole, where the share during the same period ranged from 6 to 14 percent (Swedish Trade Federation).